[Galleries] Erasmus in Växjö, Sweden

In the spring semester of academic year 2013/14 I attended an exchange study as an Erasmus student. My destination was beautiful country of Sweden, namely a little city called Växjö. During whole 5 months I spent there with my two good friends Michal and Lukáš, I surely took a LOT of photos. 😉 And now I want to show you the best ones. 🙂

Travelling to Sweden (16. – 17.1.) :

Day 1 – Bratislava-Budapest-København

Day 2 – København-Växjö

Orientation weekend organized by Linnaeus University followed:



Below are photos from the Växjö city, its surroundings, nature and University itself 🙂

An evening walk

Nature reserve

Welcome “Student fair”

Visiting nearby lake with photography group

Welcome dinner

Reception at local castle


Visiting city center

Finally a truly sunny day in Växjö

Cyclotour I.

Cyclotour II. – Kronobergs Slott


Viking sittning

Syria Cup

Goodbye dinner


Trip to Riga on a “party” ship (ESN Sea Battle)

Day 1 – to Stockholm!

Day 2 – Stockholm-Riga-Stockholm

Day 3 – coming home

Trip to Jostedal to continental iceberg (Norway)

Day 1 – to Oslo!

Day 2 – Oslo-Jostedal

Day 3 – Iceberg

Day 4 – Seeing fjord and going home

Of course, the size of all photos together was in tens of gigabytes, but I included only the best shots in the web albums above. Erasmus in Sweden was one amazing and unforgettable experience! 🙂

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