[Galleries] Summer school in Horsens, Denmark

Another year, another summer, another adventure! This time I decided to take part in summer school at VIA University College in Horsens. This school offers courses in IT, (business) English and even architecture. As a former IT student it was an obvious choice for me. 🙂

Anyway, here are pictures I took there:

Going to Horsens

Beach day

First school day

At the rooftop (for the first time)

University fun

International dinner – Vol. I

Visiting Aarhus

International dinner – Vol. II

Legoland trip!

Kunstmuseum Horsens

Last school days

Graduation day

After the school had ended I decided to spend a few more days in Denmark and where better to go than to the capital city – Copenhagen?


A small bonus album – here are all photos that are connected with “my group” of people. They are Slovaks, too, sent to Horsens by the same agency. We were together from the very beginning and became good friends.

The best of us in Horsens


We shall see where I will end up next 🙂

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