Goodbye, Farewell and Amen

I find myself sitting in an empty room. Well, it would be empty, if there was no me or my few pieces of luggage prepared to head out. The room is just as silent as I am. We have spent a few weeks together, but there is nothing else more to say to each other. Empty white walls, clean kitchenette, empty wardrobe, this now sterile environment is starting to make me melancholic.

I love travelling somewhere new. But there is always darker side to that, too. For example I dislike packing my things… I hate waiting… I hate room checkouts, I hate waiting, I hate being the last one seeing everybody else go, I hate having tears in my eyes after saying farewell to the best people I could have hoped to meet here and crying later when I am alone, I hate that all good times have to end sometime!

Silent room is unmoved by my emotions, to her I am just another temporary tenant who will be gone in a few minutes. Dammit! I must pull myself together, the checkout people will be here in a few minutes. I look outside through a little square window – it is still cloudy and relatively cold for mid of August, but I guess it is classic summer weather for Denmark. I avert my eyes, take out my phone/mp3 player and try to listen to some music. For some strange reason shuffle functionality selects only depressing or emotional songs. I try to fight it, but give up after a while and dive (un)willingly into sad tones, too well-known lyrics, and (worst of all) remembering previous three weeks of my life.

I feel the Slovak bunch of us that met in Horsens was an extremely good match. We stuck together during the whole course of summer school. We lived together, played games together, partied together, cooked together, made memories together. Of course there were a lot of Czech and foreign people attending, too, but the bond between us was never as strong (no worries, we liked them no matter what nationality, I myself lived with three Czechs). There was something special in spending time together in each other´s room most of the day and coming “home” only to sleep basically. I have not experienced anything like this for a long time and believe me it was an exquisite feeling. I was so happy at that time.

I need to mention cooking separately as it was a great experience. Most of the time I was preparing meals with this one girl named Magic Megi (who says she spent much more time in my room with me and my roommates than in hers)(and she is correct in that assumption). At this point I need to brag – together we prepared “langoše” and “buchty” (our national food) for International dinner events and delicious lunches and dinners. She even taught me new recipes and techniques which I can hopefully remember and employ later when I get home.

Spending time together as a Slovak group also meant that we were attending most of the events together, no matter whether they were parties, movie nights, sports events, or just shopping in local grocery store. We had fun together and we also cared for each other, always making sure we all made it home alright (well, this concerns mainly wild campus parties, but still…). They are my good friends. We shared our laughs together. And that is why I am missing them right now as I am sitting in this empty shell of a room while everyone else is far gone. It is almost time for me to go, too.

I miss you all!


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