To My Dear May

once there was a happy Soul
wandering the earth

everywhere she came she brought
only smiles and new ideas’ birth

her positive influence
reaching through continents

leaving her in no way
short of good friends

but now there is a
dark Cloud over this Soul

and once cheerful mood
has turned to sour

the Cloud is not to stay
the Soul herself knows

but now at its full power it
whispers to the Soul in shadows:

“alone you are
just admit you always knew

you would get abandoned
by those dear to you

no one cares about you Soul
now that you are distant

your ideas and your passions
forgotten in an instant

succumb to me, Soul
your eternal ally

give up your blinding bright aura
this dark cloak I have for you try

there is nobody thinking about you
you are not adored

the whole world around you
should only be abhorred”

Cloud, begone at once
stop! end this madness!

do not listen to the dark, Soul
please confine this sadness

alone you are not
and never will be

though distance may be vast
friends’ souls are free

instantly close to you
when needed listening

at other times through hell
or heaven with you wandering

repaying with love
all the kindness and devotion

they beheld coming
from your heart of bright emotion

recall you memories, Soul
remember how happy you were

before the Cloud appeared
that destructive whisperer

please believe in what already know
never forsaken, never lone

the other souls love you
more than their self own

banish the darkness
overcome it with grace

we all are waiting
on the other side, in that place

where we help each other
come out from the shadows gripping you tight

and again be for us
the Soul of light


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